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Digital downloads are the future. Physical games are timeless! Strictly Limited Games publishes console games for PS4, PSVita and Nintendo Switch in limited physical retail editions.

We love games just as much as our customers and we truly believe that games need to be preserved safely in physical form for future generations. That’s why we are publishing a curated selection of digital download-only games in exclusive collectible physical versions.
Be it UmiharaKawase ++, Vasara Collection or WonderBoy Returns - just pop the game into your console and enjoy.

Another thing we enjoy doing is Game Archaeology, i.e. digging up lost treasures from critically acclaimed developers and bringing them back to life on current consoles for the joy of PlayStation and Nintendo fans.
Changing the rules of traditional publishing, our overarching objective is to help establish a stronger identity for games as an art form, and delivering a consumer goods experience to collectors and fans all over the world.

Products and services

We are offering our extensive marketing and sales experience to Japanese game developers and publishers who are interested in bringing their games to a global market.

As a publisher for Indie- and AA-Games we know what gamers want and we can help Japanese game companies to open up the international market for their products.

As we are working with developers all around the globe, we are also seeking for publishers who would be interested in serving the Japanese market with the games of our international partners.

Overview - Selected titles sold by Strictly Limited Games

A quick overview of recently released titles from Strictly Limited Games:
• Tokyo 42 (Mode 7, UK)
• Gryphon Knight Epic (Cyber Rhino Studios, Brazil)
• 99Vidas (QUByte, Brazil)
• Guns, Gore & Cannoli (Crazy Monkey Studios, Belgium)
• Immortal Redneck (CremaGames, Spain)
• Bunny Must Die (PlatineDispositif/Mediascape, Japan)

Collectors Edition of the Fighting Game 99Vidas

In January 2018, Strictly Limited produced their first Collector's Edition (for PS4 and PS Vita).
It sold out within 30 seconds.

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