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EuroVideo has a strong, experienced presence in the home entertainment sector since 1979. We have expanded our business portfolio to the video game industry starting 2009, a strategy culminating in the creation of our own gaming label Wild River in 2018. As Wild River, our focus lies on publishing for the global PC and console market. Mobile gaming for Android and iOS will also play an important part in our future portfolio. Ever expanding into the gaming market, we are offering a wide selection of services for our clients, such as physical and digital distribution, creation of special editions, localization, marketing, and PR. EuroVideo is also looking to invest into promising titles and has helped funding several highly successful games. As a company, we are offering to take care of all important tasks and needs for our clients. We take pride in the establishment of great long-term business relations that are built on trust and honesty as our core values.

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Over the past years, EuroVideo has brought over 600 games to the German-speaking countries, including bestsellers like „Ostwind“ aka „Windstorm“, „Pretzel Land“, „Ancestors Legacy“, „Gelly Break“, „Crazy Machines VR“, „Fimbul“, „Pilot Sports“, „Gost Tappers“ the award-winning “Deponia”-series or “The Dark Eye: Blackguards” “Black Mirror”, “Victor Vran”, “Everspace”, and many more.
Our trusted partners are Aesir Interactive, Bonus Level Entertainment, Byterockers’ Games, Daedalic Entertainment, Deck 13 Interactive, Diviad Games, Independent Arts Software, Redox Labs, THQ Nordic, Zaxis, and Z-Software.

In FOX n FORESTS you play Rick the Fox and wield a magic melee crossbow that helps you shoot, slash, slide and switch between two different seasons per level.

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GELLY BREAK is a coop puzzle platformer. Easy to pick up and with a variety of different levels, it is perfect for short sessions.

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GELLY BREAK is easy to pick up and offers diverse levels. Thanks to the possibility of changing the difficulty after each level, the game stays challenging for every type of target group. The player use all of their abilities to defeat many different enemies.
The ever more challenging Jump & Run passages overcome the players only, by using the Switch-mechanic of both Gellies and coordinated timing. The gameplay stays diversified by mixing boss fights and shooter parts.

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